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Why is interaction with customers important?

In the current technology, when a lot of App Mobile appeared on the market, finding new customers is difficult, now keeping customers using the app is equally difficult problem. So what can businesses do to minimize the possibility of customers uninstalling the Mobile App?

1.      Focus on Q & A (Q & A) 

When a user first accesses your app, they will have questions about the area of activity or product that your business is selling. Answering frequently asked questions is the quickest way to build customer engagement and trust for the application.

In addition, for those who have used your sales application before, they also have a variety of questions, from product inquiries to forms of payment, if the customer care department of the application can solve the problem quickly and fully, then the customer will be very satisfied. Customers can also rate your app on the app store with compliments on customer support, thereby helping to attract new customers to download the app.

2.      Caring for new users first-time downloads

FTUE (First Time User Experience) is the first customer-facing term when downloading a mobile application. According to a survey from Apple, 67% of users tend to uninstall the application after the first use. This also proves the saying: "The first impression is very important".

For new users first app downloads, be proactive to interact with your customers with a welcome Push Notification welcome to the App. In addition, all instructions that help the user perform certain tasks should be as simple and straightforward as possible. It's difficult for an app to find a new source of customers, so try building an app for the user to feel comfortable using.

3.      Use the Push Notification tool effectively

Too much notification will make the user feel uncomfortable. Too little notification will make your app feel boring, lacking in updates. Push Notification should only be sent targeted to the needs of the customer.

If an outstanding event such as 8/3 or 20/10 comes with discount, promotion, Push Notification should be sent. The user selected the product in the shopping cart but canceled the basket, please send a note to the customer about that product still. Customers or buy products of home appliances, kitchenware, children, ... send notification to customers when the promotion of the above items. If your app works in other areas without having to sell, type in product / service promotions that your business offers.

4.      Build attachment through point accumulation

This is a very popular client retention of mobile applications. The application encourages customers to interact with each other when counting the number of points required by the campaign, the user will receive a product or service promotion.

Starbucks has a Starbucks rewards program for Starbucks. The Co.op Mart system is now issuing stamps for customers with a bill of 500,000 VND or more, with a full 10 stamps will be exchanged for a gift.

The accrual program is a glue that connects businesses and customers, helping to promote and increase access to new customers.

5.      Promote digital marketing

From email marketing, social marketing or increased interaction on the fanpage, the website is the way to do business to get closer to customers. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. are tools to reach customers effectively. Email marketing is also a way to find new customers that businesses should try.

Mobile applications need users to keep their service going, so the programming and customer care teams of phone applications need to pay more attention to the user experience.