Giải pháp di động dành cho mọi người

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Now that the mobile phone has become the de facto body of everyone, owning a smartphone makes it easy for people to access information anytime, anywhere. Recognizing the importance of this issue, small and midsize businesses have embarked on creating their own mobile applications to keep up with the emerging needs of the market; they have to adapt to the global movement to Get the position in the heart of customers.

An article from Entrepreneurship from 2016 states, "Smartphone applications have become so important to a marketing tool for small business owners." Developing a mobile app for sales helps your business get the most out of it.

With the mobile app, within a year the App Store generated more than $ 10 billion in revenue for businesses, not surprisingly for us in the 4.0 era. Growth in the use of smartphones has made mobile applications an important marketing tool for businesses of all sizes, especially with sales units.

Do you think your business needs a mobile app? Having a clear strategy and understanding what you need from your app, I think you will not spend too much time creating a professional mobile app. However, in case you have not found a more convincing reason, here are six reasons why businesses start to get more benefits with mobile apps.

1.   Stand outside the confrontation

Currently, investment in professional mobile applications is still not popular for small and medium enterprises. Be one of the first and lead in this new trend. Be the pioneer of providing mobile apps to your customers. Customers will be surprised and excited about these breakthrough ideas.

Do you believe your business can stay out of competition with its competitors through mobile applications? While your competitors are not opting to take advantage of mobile app sales, you can use this powerful marketing and engagement tool to gain market share in your business his business.

2.      Provide special value to customers

Going beyond just increasing your presence on the 2 Storefronts and extending your reach to mobile app customers can bring you even more. App mobile can add value to your business customers and enhance your business's positive impact on improving app load and app settings.

If you have an interesting app where your customers can keep all your favorite products in one place, they can review them anytime, even when offline. Moreover, having a sales application that can both sell and communicate with customers makes it easier for them to become more friendly.

Do you think of an app with an appointment? Users can make an appointment before coming to use the service of your spa instead of having to call directly, it's a pretty cool idea. Your mobile app can enhance consumer awareness and customer experience in the most comprehensive way possible.

3.      Build a perfect brand

Mobile phones are dominating most areas, people no longer spend a lot of time watching commercials or TV. Your business does not need to spend a lot of money on advertising, just writing professional mobile applications is useful, you can increase the ability of consumers to perceive their brand.

An application with add-on features has enough room in the user's mind. It even works better than any other marketing tool such as running an expensive advertising campaign. The business you need to do is very simple, go to build a mobile application with functions to meet the needs of customers. Your mobile app will reinforce your brand by increasing your visibility.

Compared to the website, mobile applications can bring more to your brand because the mobile app is always present in people's phones. This leads to customer loyalty to your business at all times place.

4.      Connect with better customers

In addition to the basic sales app features such as sales, checkout orders, additionally interact with customers is a very important part of every business. Your mobile app can be used as a platform where you provide customer support, and is a great way to encourage people to contact your business or provide feedback.

Sales application design is a way to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. The application is the gateway of the customer interacting with your business, if you are not present in this technology race, you will likely lose a large number of high quality leads.

With the advantage of Push notifications, customers using your AP will receive free and professional alerts.

5. Select target customers more accurately.

Based on the mobile app, your business will easily interact with your target audience, while also facilitating targeting your target audience. App Mobile will help you reach customers at the most cost effective, narrow the focus and distribute appropriate promotions to each group of customers at the right place and time.

What's more, the enterprise sales app can provide you with valuable information about your customers through answering questions that you can improve on. Want customers. At the same time, you can also provide useful information and find the highest quality leads.

6.      Cost of creating a mobile application is reasonable

Coming into the technology flow, the Vietnam market has appeared Builder App platform with imported products from abroad. These are the platforms that make mobile applications simple without the need to write CODE, quickly and cost-effectively.

Highlights in this new area is TeraApp - The platform to create mobile applications in 10 minutes without writing CODE.

With full functional modules such as:   

- No need to write CODE, 58 custom interfaces for each category, 2300 customizable on mobile applications.

- With the React Native platform - Load App quickly on both Android and iOS.

- The application allows to post products, create coupons, choose the form of payment, delivery form, ...

- PUSH NOTIFATION: send notices to users using the app free and professional

- Classify customer groups to care and implement marketing programs for each customer group

- Social networking, like share products ...

- Interaction: Chat with business owners on the App, make appointments, ...

- Statistics: Provides statistics on downloads, views, watch time, and analytics for business owners.

Are these reasons enough to persuade you to come to the mobile application development company? Instead of hiring code app developers, businesses are now able to create professional mobile applications that cost less, which is an advantage for businesses wishing to hit the mobile platform present.