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21 Hacks That Will Improve Your User Acquisition Strategy (P2)

1.      Aim for vitality

Vitality is the online equivalent of word of mouth. Unlike word of mouth, you can use a number of growth hacks to influence people to share your message.

One of the most powerful hacks for going viral is to target an influencer in your field. A mention on twitter by a luminary in your genre will encourage others with a similar interest to play it.

2.      Play before pay

This technique isn’t actually something that you can put in place right now. But it is something to be aware of in the future. Not too far from now, you will be able to use this technique to gain valuable users and not have to waste time on low LTV users.

Use before Pay means letting users demo your app on their phone before they have to pay, just like you can with desktop applications. This means that user acquisition will become more of a meritocracy, good news for all mobile developers. 

The best paid user acquisition tips

3.      Have a budget

If you want to get users fast, then you could spend some cash. Putting together a budget for your user acquisition strategy can boost your results in different ways. You can run ad campaigns, gather data on users or produce some multimedia advertising content.

Eric Seufert of Rovio recommends gathering key data and says that a modest budget can help you achieve that. To not have a user acquisition budget after working on a project is ‘silly’ in his books. Why spend so much time developing your app if no one is going to get to use it?

4.      Use the most effective channels

Although it’s important to use as many channels as possible when launching an app, you should be aware that not all user acquisition channels are created equal. In fact, 4 channels are head and shoulders above the rest in 2015.

Facebook mobile app installation ads are one of the most successful tools for your user acquisition strategy at the moment. YouTube video ads and Instagram ads are also doing well for themselves too. After these, you’ll find mobile ad networks like Chartboost and Flurry are your best bet.

5.      Rank your acquisition channels

Before choosing one of these channels, why not try to do some basic prediction and rank them? If you can find an estimation of how much it will cost to acquire a user on a channel and how much revenue you will get in return, you’re on your way to predicting your best UA channel.

The great thing about this is it could allow you to focus your user acquisition strategy on a specific channel shortly after launch. If your predictions line up well with reality, you could have picked a winner before you even got your first user.

6.      Run a test campaign

The benefits of a test campaign are numerous. The major one being that you can test different tactics before launching your user acquisition strategy on a wider basis.

Use testing to see what kind of home screen users prefer. You can find out how willing they are to make in-app purchases; you can even ask them yourself. Why wait till after launching an app to get feedback?

7.      Use the right ad format

If you want to use paid advertising, make sure you’re spending on the best ad formats. When you invest money into advertising, there needs to be a return on investment. Picking the right format will help ensure this.

1 in 20 mobile users encounter ads, with 38% being able to recall specific banner ads. Even better than this, 25% of users are more likely to look at a native ad and do so 53% more frequently.

If you want to receive fewer accidental clicks, interstitial ads are your best bet.

8.      Compare cheap and expensive users

After a while, you might need to decide if you want to target lots of cheaply acquired users that you can make a little money from or a smaller amount of users that are going to spend more money. To find this out, you’ll have to do some testing on a specific platform.

Run two Facebook ad campaigns, one for each type of user, and then measure the ROI to see which type of user is worth pursuing. As we said earlier, not all channels are created equally, and not all user are either. Find out what kind of user gets you the best ROI and then focus your user acquisition strategy on them.

9.      Do a burst campaign

A burst campaign is when you spend a large chunk of your marketing budget in a very short time period. The aim of a burst campaign is to propel your app or game up the rankings by gaining a lot of users and then staying there long enough to gain sustainability.

Of course, this is only a useful technique if your app or game meets certain requirements. If your app is aimed at a niche audience, is mass appeal something you should be spending money on? It’s possible that bad reviews from people that don’t belong to your target audience could do your project more harm than good.

10. Create a video ad

Creating a video ad could be a great way to engage potential users. Videos by their nature are engaging. They demand our attention and users expect to encounter them on mobile devices. Of course, you can use a video ad on any number of platforms.

The great thing about video ads is that great quality is rewarded. If you have the budget or the ability to make a great ad. Video ads are a proven winner

11. Hire a user acquisition manager

If you’ve made it this far, and you still haven’t found some techniques that you find useful, there’s only one more option. Hire a user acquisition manager to do the work for you. User acquisition is so important that it can require a trained hand at times.

And if you have the budget, why not go with an expert?

Improve your user acquisition strategy

So now that you know what you’re doing, go out and get some users! If you’ve got your own tips, just let us know in the comments section. You can share this post with your friends using the buttons below!

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