Giải pháp di động dành cho mọi người

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In this digital age, mobile app is now a new solution for SMEs to develop and promote their business. A mobile app has not only meet users’ demand but also be practical and catching.

According to Herbert Bay – co-founder and CEO of  Shortcut Media - mobile application marketing company (San Francisco, America), mobile app has become a crucial part of majority nowadays. They use mobile app to check email, share their status, pictures, videos or even watch movies and listen to music,…

The demand of using mobile devices is increasing rapidly leads to the number of mobile users raise. In spite of the fact that applying mobile app into business is a potential marketing way, getting customer to download and use a specific mobile app out of thousand app in App Store is a really huge challenge. We now share you some tips to promote your mobile app to your customers.

Building a useful application.

Before building a mobile app, do your research about customers’ insight. It would help you minimize the error in building your app.

Heini Zachariassen – co-founder and CEO of Vivino said that he spends time to investigate what customer needs, provides solutions to their problem and turns them into the brand ambassadors for his company. “I spend time and work to build an amazing product and high pratical, not focusing in flattering it”- Heini Zachariassen said.

Viral Marketing from users.

An excellent app motivates users to introduce it to other friends. Ms. Remo Uherek – founder of ZenFriend believes that viral marketing always has a strong and positive influence  to new customers and according to a research, there is about 70% people decide to download and use a mobile app due to good reviews from their friends.

Attractive design.

Ms. Alex Pachikov – former vice president of Evernote believes that some factor decides 90% wheather viewers will download your application or not are the rating, name and icons of the app on Store.

Ms. Alex Pachikov emphasized “Symbol is the first sight that viewers feel about the app. Therefore, if your app’s symbol is not attractive enough then you probably lose 90% protential customers.”

Thus, it’s very important to have a design team who can create you an impressive symbol, image and title for your app. This is a worthy investigation that you need to carefully consider if you want to own your own mobile app.

Making your app stand out on Store.

You should choose suitable catalog on Store to introduce your app and use tools to boost marketing, promotion to improve your app’s rank. You should not only focus on positive feedback but the negative ones as well in order to improve your app and understand customer’s practical needs.

Sharing your app on social media.

Many famous apps such as Pinterest and Vivino have a sharing function so that you can share it on your Facebook and Twitter. It creates a wide range user’s communities. Thus, it is necessary to develop a sharing function for your app, it brings better marketing.