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What is UX and UI?

What is the difference between UX and UI?

What is the UI/UX design trend in 2018?




Nowadays, when Mobile Application is powerfully developing, one of the issues that programmers and bussiness owners care is the UX and UI of the user on those applications. An application that wants to competition advantage over its matchs have a UX design, a salient UI. So what is UX – UI and how are they different?




UI và UX

UI – User Interface: is user interface, which is that users see on the Mobile App

UX – User Experience: is experience of user on that app. UX is extremely important in deciding the success or failure of any application, so the design team has to research the behaviour and psychology of the user to ensure the user experience best on the app.

For example, we might associate eating at a restaurant. Luxurious restaurant, melodious music and the dishes are beautifully visible, just like the UI (user interface). But if the server has rude words then every good impression starts to disappear and we do not want to go to the restaurant any more, is the UX (user experience).

Why UX design is important?

UX is the deciding factor for a user wants to continue using the product or service you provide, directly affecting the success of application and business. Users have a good experience on the application, we can keep up with the long term user interaction. On the market today there are countless mobile applications, users are not difficult to find an application tailored to the needs of individuals, so just stumbling, you easily lose potential customers. The UX design is also very important.

If your application interface (UI) is great and diverse, users will be impressed; but if the procedures on the app are cumbersome, the user will abandon the app and choose an equivalent application with a simpler implementation.

In other words, UI is a tool that brings new customers to the app but to keep customers engaged the UX must do it.

UI/UX design trend in 2018

If your bussiness is considering design quality applications, here are some trends for UX/UI design in 2018 for your reference

Focus content: The space of a mobile application is small, but most programmers want to transmit as much content as possible, so this is not a good idea. You should make the text look good and give it a white space or wide space to not feel the small details, hard to see. This will help users feel comfortable reading the content, avoid eye strain and create a very professional application. To avoid overwriting words, the designer can replace the word with an icon, both symbolic and shorten the length of the text.

Digital to reinforce, technology: with applications like a virtual assistant as Siri, Alexa and other artificial intelligence apps, users feel very comfortable to use and also love to download. These applications have modern features, simple dragging process on the screen. Therefore, today’s applications often incorporate many voice recognition features to require performance on the mobile app.

Voice Interface: Greetings, referral from the app are generated when the user first uses the app as a trend in the current app design.

Augmented reality: one of the pioneering applications user of virtual reality is Pokemon Go and create a global fever, predicted in 2018 or 2019, the real applications of this kind will expand both on the App Store and Google Play.

Personalize products: from fonts, colors to images are personal to the user. For example, the older you look, the color of the app will be lower or older, the letters will be larger and the buttons are also larger in size.

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