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Did you design a successful sales application, but after a long time the application did not go to the top of the search?

Why do users remove an app?

What factors determine the success of App Mobile?

That's because both stores are App store and Google Play are based on the IRL rate to measure the success of the app. This is why keeping the user is an important way to keep the app stable.

What is IRL?


In Real Life (IRL) is the term used to refer to actual data in comparison with activity on the Internet. In App Mobile, the IRL says the actual data about the number of users uninstalling an app or the level of interaction between the user and the app.

Currently, both App Store and Google Play show the number of App downloads on the app's page, but the actual number of people using the mobile app is much smaller. Therefore, want to know how many users have to rely on IRL, not download.

What factors affect the IRL?

Both stores only push applications that have a stable IRL rate to their top search engine store. Therefore, the application has IRL instability will be difficult to reach the source of new client download the app and the following are reasons that directly affect the IRL rate:

·        New user reach is very low: users have a lot of choices when they go to the app store and they tend to choose a well-known application (also a very stable IRL application). The chance of your new mobile app being considered by users is extremely low.

·        The rate of uninstalling applications after the download is very high: Google reports that within 30 days after downloading the application, the risk of users removing the App is up to 97%. This is an important factor for imbalance in the IRL ratio of the application.

·        Lifetime Value (LTV) is directly related to the return on investment (ROI): The user tends to remove the app due to boredom. That application or application is no longer appropriate for the intended use of the user. So, you want people to use long-term application, you have to have a proper marketing campaign. Connect your application to client management software to collect and analyze customer data from the initial download.

What are the reasons for user uninstallation?


Taking up too much memory: In addition to the powerful configurations, there are low-end machines that, after removing the built-in software, have only 1 to 2 GB of internal memory. Thus, a too heavy application will easily cause the machine to jerky, stand and occupy space in the memory.

In-App Ads: Too many ads in the app will upset the user. The application of any kind, too many ads to jump when the customer to do the operation will create discomfort when used.

The design of the application is not invested: this is also an important reason. Usually, the screenshots of the App Store or Google Play app are very beautiful and very different from the ones that users download. The lack of emphasis in design has led to viewers not interested in your phone application.

Users do not understand how to use it: a lot of users after downloading and implementing the application's instructions, but they have not done what they want, so they decided to uninstall the app.

Users bored with app / time consuming applications / applications wastes battery life: these are also reasons why users easily abandon the app.

There are also other reasons.

How do users uninstall the App affect the business?

When users uninstall the application, certainly negatively affect the rate of IRL, and this is the key determinant of the success of App Mobile. The more people removed the App, the more IRL changes, causing instability. The ability to top search in the app store of the enterprise App also decreased.

However, the influence of IRL on the success of the app is just within this range and only the new business know how the percentage of users removed their application to promote the marketing campaign or. Discount / Promotion to encourage interaction on the app.